Master the skills needed to make your video ads absolutely stunning!
Master Video Creation TODAY! Create All Your Ads & Video Graphics Yourself!
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Fire your videographer and learn to be comfortable on camera yourself!
What Will This...
Do For You...?
From:  Myles Hup
CEO Of:  3D Video Challenge
Where:  Northwood, Iowa USA
What will this '3D Video Challenge' do for you...?
For everyone it's different...
For some of you, you want professional looking ads that POP! 

You might be here just to learn how to use the Green Screen...
For others, you want to make your Social Media channel stand out!
And for others of you, you need an easy way to create attention grabbing videos without spending the cost it takes to hire a videographer!
No matter the reason you're here, one thing is the same... we all want to publish better videos!
For me... I enjoy creating great looking content myself and showing other's how to do it! It's a hobby of mine :)  
Course Coach
20 year webmaster
Online Marketer
Sales Funnel Hacker
Graphic Designer

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Do you want to create Fantastic Looking Video Graphics, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
Do you want to create Great Looking Videos that stand out from "the norm"?
Do you want to avoid wasting good money on graphic artists or videographers that cannot capture your vision?
Are you convinced that you better video editing skills, but aren't quite sure what steps to take in order to get it completed?
Are you about to launch a sales funnel, and need to create HOT graphics good enough to convert visitors into hot leads?
If You Checked ANY Of Those Boxes, Then I'd Like To Personally Invite You To Join The '3D Video Challenge' And Change Your Online Presence Forever!
The challenge cost is only $37 to join. This covers all the hands-on video training lessons, Live Q&As, BONUSES, course membership to our online community support group & GRADUATION GIVEAWAYS!
I could easily charge much more for this 21 day 3D Video challenge.  $97, $197... 
Probably  even $297 or more, but...
That's less than $2.00 per day for this training, bonuses & support group!       
So In Exchange For That Tiny $37
Investment, Let's Look At What You Get!

NO WAY!... You Get It ALL For Just $37

If you'd like to publish fantastic "Pro" looking videos fully decked out with Thumbnails, Bumpers & Video Wrappers and 3D looking graphics, then this is the challenge for you...
In Just 21 Days, Your Video Skills Could Look Pro...
Let's Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get
By Joining The 21 Day "3D Video Challenge" Today!

When you login to your member's area daily you'll be greeted with inspiration and the task of the day!

Inside this member's area you will get access to the entire 3D Video Challenge!
All the coaching calls, training videos, software links, bonuses & the link to your private support group is also inside! 
Screenshot of your member's area login screen.

Become A Pro At Green Screen Effects!

Master "easy to use" software that will cut your editing time greatly!
Whether you're using your phone's camera or pro equipment, you'll get AMAZING results after taking this challenge!

Here's some samples of what you'll be doing before you send your work to video.
The graphic on the right will be used for the "Video Thumb" and also the video background!

Before Edit

After 1 Minute Edit

After Graphics

Before Edit

After 1 Minute Edit

After Graphics

Before Edit

After 1 Minute Edit

After Graphics

Before Edit

After 1 Minute Edit

After Graphics

After you master the Green Screen editing, you'll then master graphic design with easy to use software!
You'll also master how to use your eye popping graphics inside your videos! 

You'll master how to easily create stunning graphic designs like this! 
After you create a Video Thumb like the ones below, you'll master how to use them in your videos!

After you master how to create eye popping Video Thumbs like the ones above, you'll master Video Editing!
I'll take you by the hand and guide you along through the easy to use video editing software displayed below! 

This may look complicated, but it's really not! You'll receive step by step video instructions as I record my screen and show you how to edit your videos to work with your green screen and graphics! 
This won't take very long to master as all the software demonstrated within this challenge is "easy to use"! There isn't much of a learning curve so with this hands-on training you'll pick it up right away!

Master Editing Your Videos Fast and Easy!

It may look complicated, but it's really not! You'll understand it in 1 day :) 

After Each Of The 3 Mastery Sessions (Green Screen, Graphic Design & Video Editing) I Go Live With The Group To Address All Your Questions!

After You Master Video Editing It's Time To

You'll receive access to a private group with a community of people going through this challenge with you!
We all share our progress with each other throughout the challenge while we get comfortable practicing shooting videos before we go live with our newly developed skills!
It's important to know you do not need "pro cameras" for this challenge. Using your phone will also get you amazing results!

We Can't Forget About The Bonuses I Have For You!


Value: $47

Solid & Transparent Video Foregrounds & Backgrounds!

1800 3D Video Color Combos

These video backgrounds and foregrounds are made specifically for making 3D looking videos. If you need to put something together on the fly and don't have a few extra minutes to create your graphics these will work perfectly. 
I will be giving a demonstration in the lessons on how to use these with your video editing software!

Value: $47!


Value: $297

Course Support Group
Community of people helping each other!

Private Support Group

Private Support Group

Join a VIP private support group available ONLY to those who purchased the challenge this month.
Everyone who starts in the same challenge will be in their own private group. We all grow together through the challenge.
Unless someone paid for the challenge multiple times, we'll all be on the same level. No reason to feel intimidated as everyone in the group will be growing at the same daily pace. 

Value: $297!


Value: $500



Raffle Giveaways For Grads!

You want to be here at Graduation Day!!!

It's always fun to graduate! Especially when we've spiced up graduation with raffles and giveaways!
Most of all it's nice for all the members to get together live with our new found video creating friends!

Value: $500!

The reason I'm doing this challenge for so inexpensive is because I know when you successfully & easily create amazing videos through my 3D Video Challenge, more than likely you'll be interested in my future digital products.

That's it... that's my only ulterior motive - for you to succeed at creating stunning videos so you'll come back for more items that interest you.

In fact, the $37 you spend helps me with building more challenges, softwares and courses to offer people like yourself. 

Read more on my Satisfaction Guarantee below.

My goal is to help you make money... then hopefully you'll chose to re-invest some of those profits back into the products and services I sell.

This "3D Video Challenge" Has Started!!!

 Join Now!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

There sure is... :)

I guarantee that if you fully participate, show up daily and implement what you learn, by the time this challenge is finished, you will have a the complete "know how" to create stunning eye-popping videos. You will also have a collection of graphic elements you created throughout the challenge that you'll be able to use in your future projects!

Important Refund Information: If for any reason you feel the above is untrue, send me a message showing what you've accomplished so far and where you got stuck. If we cannot rectify your situation to make the above statements true to you, I will issue you a full refund of $47... Keep in mind once a refund is issued, a cancellation of your memberships and revocation of any and all resell and usage licenses you've acquired throughout this challenge including the bonuses will also be applied.  Your email address used to validate your memberships and resell licenses on all the products offered in this challenge will be removed from our authorized database

But if you're like most people who take this challenge, you'll experience a change in your video publishing and your life! For some of you, this will change the way you do business. 

Now it's time to take action. Click the button below and create your account so we can proceed!

Before you leave this page I want to thank you for the time you took to read this letter and watch the video posted on this page. I look forward to seeing the awesome videos you create and hearing your success story! 

Course Coach

P.S. If you skipped to the end of the page (like I do sometimes), here's a quick excerpt of what you missed:

When you join the "3D Video Challenge" today (for just $37) you'll get 21 days of daily lessons to teaching you how to create stunning videos from scratch even if you're not a videographer or have ever done it before. You'll get hands on training and video screen recordings showing you how to do everything! Your training will include green screen tutorials, graphic design & video editing. Additionally you'll get live Q&As in our private group to answer all your questions. On top of that you'll get 4K Ultra HD video backgrounds designed to make your videos look 3D! There's 1800 different color/size combinations you can make with this collection! You'll also gain membership access to a community of other people taking the course with you. I will be in there answering questions while we all support each-other with constructive criticism.... helping each-other succeed! Finally you will attend a live graduation Zoom meeting where we'll have live giveaways for grads!

Does that sound fair? Then let's do this!!
Join the "3D Video Challenge" NOW!


James B. - Lexington TN

This is a testimonial from an actual challenger who's taken the 3D Video Challenge.
Thanks so much James!

Here's A Recap Of


When You Accept the 3D Video Challenge" Today!

NO WAY!... You Get It ALL For Just $37

If you'd like to publish fantastic "Pro" looking videos fully decked out with Thumbnails, Bumpers & Video Wrappers and 3D looking graphics, then this is the challenge for you...
In Just 21 Days, Your Video Skills Could Look Pro...
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